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Welcome to your Prep Ninja’s client portal. Below you’ll find everything you need to manage your account.

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User Permission Set up

Step by step directions on how to set up your InventoryLab and Seller Central user permissions.

Shipment Management

Access your Prep Sheet to notify us of new shipments and track the status of previous shipments.

Scans and Photos

Scans of your packing lists and photos of damaged products, etc.

Pay & Manage Invoices

Access and pay invoices and prep fees.

Send shipments to:

[Your name]
5250 Highbanks Rd Ste 350
Springfield OR 97478

Please list your phone number as the contact number on your orders. Suppliers, retailers, and carriers will be trying to call you if they have questions about the order. If you need to speak to us, you can reach us at 1-541-780-6841 Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm Pacific Time.

Please do not address shipments with our names or Prep Ninjas. That way it can be both sorted accurately here and will stay under the radar of retailers that have policies against resellers. We will not be publishing this address anywhere except to your password protected client portal.

If available, please mark the delivery address as a business and to not deliver on weekends. Not every website has these options, so don't worry if they don't. The carriers will try again the next business day and USPS might leave them in our mailbox if small enough.

PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE LOCAL ONE DAY or SAME DAY DELIVERY. These deliveries do not come with tracking numbers or contact information. Sometimes left outside our door if no one is here. We are NOT responsible for missing or damaged units when this type of delivery is selected. Please choose to have the products SHIPPED to us, not delivered.

There is a dock at Highbanks for pallets. Please let us know about pallet shipments so we can schedule delivery times.

We are not responsible for packages mis-delivered or returned. Though it is rare, there is always a risk of the carriers delivering packages to the wrong address.

Feel free to contact us via the chat in the corner of this webpage, by email (ninja@prepninjas.com), or by phone if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Please avoid putting Prep Ninjas in the address to not flag your order with retailers that have policies against resellers.
  • If you are having problems with the retailers cancelling because your shipping address is different from your billing address, try marking the order as a gift. 

  • If the retailer won’t let you purchase a large quantity in one order, try placing several smaller orders for the same product. 

  • Take the product’s size, weight, and durability into consideration when you purchase. Large and heavy items will cost more to ship into Amazon. Fragile items have more risk of being broken in transit. Be sure to take these costs into consideration when calculating your profitability on a product. 

  • We recommend using all Amazon barcodes instead of manufacturer barcodes. It is set to manufacturer barcodes by default. You can do that by following this tutorial: https://support.inventorylab.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004972993-Turn-Off-Stickerless-Commingling-NO-LABEL-.