How to setup user permissions for Merchant Fulfillment in Seller Central



You’ll need to give us access to ship by granting us Seller Central user permissions. Amazon’s Seller University user permission video can be found here:

1. In Seller Central, click “Settings” (found at top-right of the screen) then “User Permissions”.
2. Under “Add a New Seller Central User“, add our email “” and click “Send invitation“.
4. We will accept the invitation when we get the invitation email from Amazon and email you afterwards.
5. After we accept it, you will be able to select the level of permission granted. 


Step 2: Add User Permissions for us to process merchant fulfilled orders:

  1. Click or hover your mouse pointer on Settings in the top right corner to bring up it’s menu
  2. Click on User Permissions
  3. Under Current Users find in the list
  4. Click on Manage Permissions
  5. Scroll down the page to Manage Inventory/Add a Product under the Inventory section
  6. Click the dot under View & Edit 
  7. Scroll down the page to the Orders section and find Manage Orders
  8. Click the dot under View & Edit 
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Continue

Step 3: Add our address to “Ship from” for MF orders to calculate the shipping rates.

We won’t have user permissions to access this. Because we can’t see the whole address on the order fulfillment screen, please indicate it is our address in the Ship From name. For example, “[Your Store Name] Oregon” You can add it here:

Once you have completed these steps, please send us a confirmation email to let us know.