How to setup notifications and user permissions for Merchant Fulfillment in Seller Central

Please note: these are preliminary instructions as we optimize the processes.


First, log into your Seller Central account.

Add User Permissions for us to process merchant fulfilled orders:

  1. Click or hover your mouse pointer on Settings in the top right corner to bring up it’s menu
  2. Click on User Permissions
  3. Under Current Users find in the list (ninja should have already been invited when you signed up for FBA orders, do not invite fulfillment@prepninjas)
  4. Click on Manage Permissions
  5. Scroll down the page to Manage Inventory/Add a Product under the Inventory section
  6. Double check that the dot under View & Edit is marked, and click it if it’s not (this should have been done if we do FBA for you)
  7. Scroll down the page to the Orders section and find Manage Orders
  8. Click the dot under View & Edit (this is an additional step for merchant fulfillment than our FBA instructions)
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Continue

When applicable: set the default Handling Time to 5 days so that orders placed late on Fridays/Holidays can be filled on the next business day. You will also have to setup the shipping settings to how you want, as we do not have access to them.

Add our address to “Ship from” for MF orders to calculate the shipping rates.

This has to be done by you even if it’s available in FBA orders. We shouldn’t have user permissions to access this. You can add it here:

Forward your order notifications that an item has been sold and that we need to fulfill the order:

Note: We are trying to find the best way to manage notifications, so these instructions may change.

We’ve found that the most effective way to notify us of pending orders is with a filter to automatically forward your “Sold, ship now” emails from Amazon through your email program/provider if possible. We can try to help you set that up if you need it. We know how to do it through Gmail. Feel free to ask us for the instructions if you need them and we haven’t provided them in the meantime. Other systems are usually setup very similarly.

Our email address to forward those notifications to is so that the emails aren’t mixed and lost like they would be if sent to ninja.

Your provider will usually send us a confirmation email to make sure we’ll accept the forwarded emails. We’ll accept it and let you know that we did as soon as possible. You may have to continue setting up the filter to forward the emails afterwards. Please check with us to see if the next “Sold, ship now” email you receive was also sent to us so that know your email filter works.

We do not recommend using the following instructions anymore. The necessary emails don’t give your store’s name. We also receive all of your other Amazon seller emails unless you restrict them to yourself as well. It’s an all or nothing kind of approach unfortunately.
  1. Click or hover your mouse pointer on Settings in the top right corner to bring up it’s menu
  2. Click on Notification Preferences

Under the Order Notifications section

  1. Click the Edit button to open the section

Under the subsection for Choose which notifications to receive via Email:

  1. Click on the check box for Merchant Order Notifications (Sold, Ship now)
  2. If needed, click Add another and type in our email
  3. Click the Save button at the top of the Order Notifications section


That’s it! Mark the product(s) you want to go merchant fulfilled (FBM) on your prep sheet and we will list it through Inventory Lab along side your regular FBA products if applicable. And then fulfill the orders as they’re made. Feel free to ask us any questions or give us any ideas you may have.

We recommend that if we don’t let you know we’ve received the notification of your first order by the next business day that you contact us via email, chat on our website, or by phone (call/text) just to make sure everything is working like it should. We will keep you updated on the order so that you know everything is working or not.