Online Arbitrate (OA) FBA Prep Services

Looking for a reliable, accurate, and trustworthy prep center to process your OA FBA products? Tired of getting lost in the shuffle at the big 3PL warehouses that offer more than FBA services? Want to know where your products are every step of the way?

With Prep Ninjas, you and your team and track every unit with your customized Prep Ninjas Dashboard. Whether you need help with a one-time project or an ongoing service partner, Prep Ninjas’ team of trained FBA specialists are ready to assist.

How it works

Click the “Sign Me Up” button at the bottom of your screen

Simply fill out the form and you’ll get an email walking you through the account setup process.

Sync your Amazon account

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to sync your Amazon account with your dashboard. Syncing allows us to access your inventory list and create shipments. 

Start Buying

For every order you place with a supplier, simply create an Inbound Shipment on your Prep Ninjas dashboard. 

Your Prep Ninjas Dashboard

Do you hate the hassle of using spreadsheets? Are you tired of emailing labels? Do you wish it were hassle free?

Our software syncs with your Amazon account which saves you valuable time and eliminates stress. Simply open your dashboard, create an Inbound Shipment for each order you send to us, and track them until they reach Amazon. 

Once we receive your order, we’ll check in the products received and notify you of any problems. Once per week (or more frequently in some cases) we send what we have received to Amazon. Easy peasy.

Sample Dashboard Screenshot


Our simple pricing structure makes it easy to figure out your prep costs. Just pay for the services you need. No minimums. No commitment. No signup fees.

Inbound Shipments

Carton Receiving Charge = $2/carton
Pallet Receiving Charge = $20/pallet

20ft Container Unload = $325/container
40ft Container Unload = $650/container


First seven (7) days = Free!
8-180 Days = $26.48/cubic meter/month
181+ Days = $36.48/cubic meter/month

Outbound Shipments

FBA Shipment Processing Charge:
SPD or LTL Shipments = $40/shipping plan
HAZMAT Shipments = Add $5.00/shipment

Base Unit Processing Charges:
(Standard-sized units – per shipping plan)
1-499 units = $0.95/unit
500-999 units  = $0.85/unit
1000-1999 units  = $0.75/unit
2000+ units = $0.65/unit

Oversize units = Add $2.00/unit

Bundles up to 6 items = Add $0.35/bundle
Bundles up to 12 items = Add $1.50/bundle

Additional Services = $0.20 each
Standard Sized poly bag
Sticker/Extra label
Expiration labels
Sticker/Price tag removal
Bubble wrap (plus materials)
Box assembly

Extra Large poly bag = $0.75 each

New Boxes and Materials:
Medium Outbound Boxes = $3/box
Large Outbound Boxes = $4/box
Extra Large Boxes = $5/box
Bubble wrap = $0.20 per cubic foot

Terms of Service

In order to make the services we provide run smoothly, we crafted a document detailing our services and our expectations of you as our client. We love clear communication and hate misunderstandings, so we designed these terms to protect both of us. Please read the terms carefully and ask if you have any questions. When you sign up, you will be expected to sign a digital agreement accepting the terms.

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