Order fulfillment Services

For E-Commerce Stores

Prep Ninjas manages your inventory and ships your orders directly to buyers quickly and professionally.

This Service includes


Receiving & Inspecting




Packing & Shipping

How it works:

You send us your inventory to store for merchant fulfillment. When you get an order, we access your order fulfillment software (Seller Central, ShipStation, etc.), pack the order, print the shipping label, and ship it to your customer. Our turnaround time is usually the same day but can take up to 2 business days during peak season.

order fulfilment PRICING:


Receiving Charge: $1 per package received or $10 per pallet.

Standard Size Units (shorter than 18″ on longest side):

  • initial pick & pack fee – $2.00 per order
  • additional units per order – $0.50 per unit
  • product inserts, labels, tags, etc. – $0.20 each
  • bubble wrap – $0.40 per square foot
  • storage – $0.75 per cubic foot per month, calculated daily
  • outbound boxes/mailers – $0.70 to $5 depending on size (new materials only)
  • shipping fees to customer (vary by location and size of order).

We currently DO NO ACCEPT products larger than 18″ on its longest side. Products that require special handling may incur additional fees. Please ask for a quote on products requiring special handling.

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Fulfillment FAQs

how is fulfillment different from FBA?

With order fulfillment, instead of sending your products into Amazon for storage, you send them to us. When your customer buys your product from your e-commerce store, we get the order, pick the product from your storage, pack it in a box, and send it to the customer. 

Do you only do Amazon fulfillment?

We can fulfill orders for any e-commerce store as long as we have access to your fulfillment software. If you have an Amazon or Shopify store, we recommend using their native software (Seller Central or Shopify) We recommend using ShipStation if you have a store outside of Amazon or Shopify or stores on multiple platforms. 

What account access do you need?

Whichever system you are using, we would require user access to the system. Almost all software will allow you to add us as a user and restrict our access to only process orders. 

How do the products you fulfill get listed on my store?

You are still responsible for listing the products in your store. We recommend not making any of the listing active until we confirm we have received the products. 

How will I know what products you have in storage?

We keep an inventory log of your products so you know exactly how many we have at any given time. When we process the order, the inventory log is updated immediately. Your inventory log is viewable from your client dashboard.

How long does it take to process an order?

We process orders within 24-48 business hours. Most orders are processed the same day we receive them. If processing times are delayed for any reason, we will notify you right away.

Is shipping included in the price?

Our price does not include shipping. You pay for the shipping label through your fulfillment software. We will select the least expensive shipping option for the method the customer selected with the order. 

What happens if my products don't sell?

You can request your items be returned to you at your expense, or we can dispose of the products for no additional charge.

Do you handle customer returns?

Prep Ninjas does not handle customer returns at this time. 

Do you handle hazmat products?

We are happy to accept and process consumer goods, like aerosols and alcohol-based liquids (perfumes, etc). We do not accept corrosive or explosive materials like fuels, fertilizer, or other hazardous chemicals. Prep Ninjas does not accept products with lithium-ion batteries for storage. 

Is your warehouse temperature controlled?

No, our warehouse is not temperature controlled. We do not recommend sending products that are temperature sensitive.