user Permission Setup – FBA Removals

Step 1: Setup Seller Central

You’ll need to give us access to ship by granting us Seller Central sub-account access. Amazon’s Seller University user permission video can be found here:

1. In Seller Central, click “Settings” (found at top-right of the screen) then “User Permissions”.
2. Under “Add a New Seller Central User“, add the email “” and click “Send invitation“.
4. We will accept the invitation when we get the invitation email from Amazon and email you afterwards.
5. After we accept it, you will be able to select the level of permission granted. To do that go to Settings -> User Permissions. Click Manage Permissions for Jeremy Rasmussen. Under the Inventory section, change the buttons to View & Edit for “Manage FBA Inventory / Shipments”, “Manage Inventory/Add a Product“, and “Upload Inventory“. Then scroll down and click View for “Fulfillment Reports“. Finally, scroll to the bottom and click save or continue.

Step 2: Verification

We will ensure we have access to each account and let you know if we run into any trouble or if all went well. We will then be set and ready to process products and you can start sending products for us to process.