Carton Forwarding

Receiving & storing FBA-ready Inventory

How It Works

Order Products, Ship to us

Ship your FBA-ready and case-packed products directly to us from the manufacturer or freight-forwarder.

Products Received & Stored

We receive your inventory and add it directly to storage. You can track your inventory in stock on your Prep Ninjas dashboard.

Ship to Amazon

When you are ready, tell us how many cases to send. We’ll create a shipment using our software and ship it to Amazon.

Qualifies for Carton Forwarding

To qualify for carton forwarding, your products must be packaged as follows:
  • No prep or labeling required for individual units
  • One SKU per carton
  • No inner cartons
  • Cartons with same SKU are all same weight and dimensions.
  • No more than 150 units in one carton.
  • Each carton measures no longer than 25″ on the longest side
  • Each carton weighs less than 50 lbs.

Carton Forwarding Pricing

receiving   •   storage   •   shipping


$2 per carton

20ft Container Unloading

20ft Container Unloading


Additional Services

as requested

$0.15 per unit

$0.50 per unit



$50/ pallet position

Rack Storage
$0.75 per cubic foot

Storage fees calculated daily and billed monthly or the last day of storage


$5 per carton

Minimum 5 cartons per shipment

3 carton shipment = $25
6 carton shipment = $35

Carton Forwarding Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a set-up charge?

A: Yes. We do charge a one-time setup fee of $99 to open an account with us.

Q: Does the set-up charge go toward receiving or forwarding fees?

A: No. The set-up charge is simply for opening an account with us. It reserves your space with our company and keeps your account open.

Q: Is there a monthly fee?

A: There is no monthly account fee, but we do charge monthly storage. Your storage fees are prorated for partial months.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We require you to add a credit card on file so that we can charge for services as necessary. We create an invoice and charge your card immediately. You can access your invoices in your Prep Ninjas Dashboard.

Q: How do I tell you to send a shipment to Amazon? 

A: When you sign up, we will provide you with a link to a shipment request form. Simply fill it out and click submit. We will pull your inventory and ship it to Amazon, usually within 24 hours.

Q: How do I know what you have in stock?

A: You’ll have full access to your inventory totals on your Prep Ninjas dashboard. 

Ready to Sign Up?

Registering for an account is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3

Review our Terms of service

This is the fine print. Please read it carefully because we follow them closely. You must agree before you sign up.

Review Non-Compliance Fees

We hate charging these, but in order to keep costs down overall, we do charge Non-Compliance fees for violating our TOS.

Register & Pay Signup Fee

Simply click below, fill out the information requested, and then check your email. We’ll send you instructions for the next steps.

Still have questions?

 If we didn’t already answer all of your questions, please ask. You can chat with us here on our website. Just click the icon in the bottom right of the screen. We usually answer quickly if it is during business hours, which is 9am to 4pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Otherwise, we will email you back when we are available.

We also have a lot of answers on our FAQs page. You can also schedule a call with us. 

Our Clients Love Us!

Fantastic service all around! Jeremy & Kathy made it very easy to get set up with Prep Ninjas and have provided a ton of value to my business. They have prepped, and shipped my items efficiently, even during busy Q4. Excellent and quick communication about any issues, questions, or suggestions. I highly recommend their services and have no doubt they will continue to thrive in this competitive space. ~ C. H.
Awesome service! They keep me updated on any info I require. They respond to my needs and questions very quickly. They’ve actually gone above and beyond my expectations on several occasions. I would recommend Prep Ninjas to anyone requiring a prep service. ~ A. L.
Great service. Very responsive. Jeremy was very patient with me as I was learning how to use their service and now I am rocking along like a pro. Highly recommend! ~ W. R.
I highly recommend Prep Ninjas! I have been using their services for the last six months or more. They are very professional and organized, with a thorough understanding of what Amazon requires for prepping and shipping. ~ S. Y.

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