What are your prices?

We have flexible pricing using different service levels determined by your forcasted volume. You may request to change service levels as needed. A discount is given to wholesale/private label clients with the use of InventoryLab in addition to Seller Central. InventoryLab is required for our O.A. (online arbitrage) services for efficiency and accuracy.

Details of our Online Arbitrage Prep service levels and pricing for each one are found at https://prepninjas.com/oa-services/.

Wholesale, private label, freight forwarding are found here: https://prepninjas.com/wholesale-services/

What are your procedures from A to Z?

We offer premium prep services for a wide range of needs. Details of our different service inclusions and pricing are found at https://prepninjas.com/services/

I'm not subscribed to InventoryLab. Can I still signup?

For our wholesale services we will give you a discount if we can use InventoryLab. However InventoryLab is required for our online arbitrage (O.A.) services. We tried to use only Seller Central and have tried Supply Chain Connect. They become difficult and time consuming with dozens and especially with hundreds of products. Our founder even created advanced spreadsheets that can use barcode scanners to easily count hundreds of units for box contents. They still can’t match InventoryLabs’ system. Our experience is that InventoryLab is so much easier, faster, and more accurate than spreadsheets or webforms. The bonus for you is it has inventory management and their Scoutify product sourcing program at no additional charge! They are our standard until a comperable or better solution is available.

Prep Ninjas is in no way affiliated with or receiving financial incentives or gain from InventoryLab or Amazon.

What does tax-free mean?

When you purchase online and ship to our center in Oregon, you don’t have to pay sales tax like you would in most other states. The money you save on sales tax helps to offset the cost of outsourcing your inventory prep. That means you can grow your business even faster. For example, the average sales tax rate is around 8%, which means you’d be paying $1.60 in tax for a $20 item. Some of our plans could cost less to process an item than the sales tax would have been!

Do you prep and list used books?

We focus on new merchandise and recommend using a prep center that specializes in used books. However we can work with a small number of used books in conjunction with your new merchandise as well. Additional fees and/or delays may be incurred depending on volume and resources required to prep the used books since they require far more time to process.

What is the turn around time for prepping?

To maximize our efficiency, we process our clients’ products on a rotation. We try to process products for each client once every 3 days, but it could be longer depending on several factors. In order to minimize your shipping costs, we recommend having at least 30-50 units per shipment, depending on the sizes of the products. Processing can take much longer during May through July (because of Prime Day) and September through December (for Q4). 

Do you work with new Amazon sellers?

Yes. We work with new sellers, but you must have a good understanding of Amazon’s processes and requirements. There is a lot to learn before selling on Amazon. We highly recommend at least going through Amazon’s free Seller University training available at sellercentral.amazon.com/learn before getting started. It’s rewarding when done right so don’t give up!

Do you work with International Sellers?

Yes, especially if you are purchasing goods in the US and shipping them to our center. We accept international shipments sent to us. We do not broker or process the paperwork involved for importing/exporting goods at this time. We only accept payment in US Dollars.

Do you accept and ship pallets?

Yes. We do accept and ship pallets as of May 2019. However a liftgate on the truck is required for now. Good news is in the works though, so stay tuned.

Do you have minimums?

Our pricing options are based on your monthly volume. You choose the level from 0-99 to 1,000+ that best fits your volume so you can lock into the rate at the time you sign up. If you’d like to change your pricing option, you must re-enroll in the service plan and sign a new agreement. You can cancel or change plans at any time. If you prepay monthly then all our costs will be deducted from your prepayment until exhausted. You will then receive invoices for additional shipments until the next month if applicable. 

What kinds of "hazmat" items do you accept? Cosmetics and batteries too?

Products that are or contain batteries such as toys or power tools are accepted, though we do not accept products with lithium-ion batteries for long term storage. Cosmetics that are classified as hazmat are accepted as well. Products that require specialized storage and equipment such as fuels, solvents or corrosives are NOT accepted at this time. Products need to follow Amazon’s temperature sensitive requirements here as well. 

How are the fees for shipping to Amazon calculated and paid?

The shipping labels and charges for your Amazon bound shipments will go through your Seller Central account. We recommend using Amazon’s Partnered Carriers to save on shipping costs. You pay those shipping costs through your Amazon account. For hazmat shipments, or any other shipments that go outside of the partnered carrier, we will invoice you for the incurred shipping costs or deduct them from your monthly prepayment.

Will you share information about my buys?
No. We have a strict confidentiality policy and will not disclose information about you or your buys. We are not Amazon sellers, so you will never have to worry about us trying to compete with you either.
How will I be billed for your services?

At the beginning of each month, we’ll send you an invoice for your monthly down payment, if your plan requires one. The down payment locks in your rate for prep fees. That payment will be applied to your prep fees for the month. Once the cost for your prep fees exceeds the pre-paid amount, we’ll send you an email invoice as soon as your order has shipped to Amazon. You’ll be able to pay by credit card or ACH. The payment is due at the time you receive the invoice.

If your plan does not have a monthly minimum, we will send you an invoice for each shipment via email.

Do you require User Permissions for Seller Central and Inventory Lab?

For our premium prep service, we require at least “employee” level permission on your InventoryLab and Seller Central accounts. InventoryLab is required for Premium accounts and we do not list products through Seller Central due to it’s inefficiency. Different services such as AccellerList may be accepted. There would be a learning period as were are only familiar with InventoryLab. 

For InventoryLab, you can share “listing access” in InventoryLab by simply adding a sub-account with list-only privileges. This allows us to create new shipment batches, label items quickly, and upload shipments and box content information to Seller Central.

For Seller Central, you’ll need to give us access to shipping plans by granting us Seller Central sub-account access by setting “View & Edit” privileges for “Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments” and “Manage Inventory/Add a Product” after sending an invitation within Seller Central.

Do you offer storage if I need to hold a shipment?

Yes. For Online Arbitrage, we don’t charge storage fees if we are processing your order. If the product cannot be processed or you’ve asked us to hold it for any reason, we charge $.60 per cubic foot per month or $38.40 per pallet per month. Space is limited, so please contact us for availability.

Do you take oversized items?

Yes, for an additional fee.

Are my products secure?

Yes. Our warehouse is a secure facility and your items are stored with care. We are also insured. 

What kind of fire protection do you have?

We have alarms, extinguishers, and insurance. We do not store combustible fuels, solvents, or lithium-ion batteries.

How do you minimize outbound shipping costs? For instance, using private workflow instead of live.

We try to minimize shipping costs when possible without breaking Amazon’s rules or risking damage to anything in transit. We’ve only used private workflow in InventoryLab so far. We also prefer to have a reasonable number of units arrive within 5 business days or less before processing what we’ve received. Most of the time we’re processing as much as we can while rotating between clients to increase efficiency. High volumes could have long turn around times.

Did you discontinue your "Basic" and "Basic Plus" services?

For the foreseeable future we have discontinued our Basic and Basic Plus O.A. services where the client lists their products and we process the shipments through Seller Central or Supply Chain Connect instead of InventoryLab. The reasons are to increase shipment turnaround times, minimize product on hand, and increase accuracy. InventoryLab is now required for O.A. services and gives discounts for wholesale services.

Do you combine commingled and Amazon labeled units into the same shipment?

Commingled units use the manufacturer’s UPC instead of an Amazon barcode label tying the stock to you. That risks Amazon mismatching or losing units, or your sale getting blamed for someone else’s bad stock. We cannot guarantee our work on commingled product with the possibility it didn’t go through our shop. Inventory Lab can’t send them both in the same shipment. We most likely won’t skip the more efficient box contents process in Inventory Lab to combine them.

Can Inventory Placement save shipping costs?

Amazon’s Inventory Placement fee can save on shipping costs and our turnaround times. Especially when your whole shipment is less than 50 lbs and can safely fit within a large box. A batch split into 3 shipments costs more than 50 small products in placement fees. It’s not as effective with large products that will use more boxes anyway. Also splits are meant to get the product sold and to the customer faster. See more about splits on our blog.

Do you do Wholesale, Private Label, returns, or FBA removals?

We are pleased to announce that we’ve revamped our wholesale and private label pricing. You can find them here: https://prepninjas.com/wholesale-services/

Due to limited space and time contraints, we prefer not to process returns and FBA removals. Please contact us with the chat in the bottom right corner of this page to see how we can help.

Do you offer merchant fulfillment for Amazon and/or eBay?

Unfortunately we would rather not right now. Performing merchant fulfillment pulls our staff away from processing online arbitrage orders. We may be able to incorporate it to a limited degree along with your existing online arbitrage and/or wholesale/private label services. Such as if something expires a little too soon for FBA.