Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

We have several packages to choose from to fit your needs. All our pricing and packages are list on our services page. 


What are your procedures from A to Z?

We offer premium prep services for a wide range of needs. Details of our different service inclusions and pricing are found at

What does tax-free mean?

When you purchase online and ship to our center in Oregon, you don’t have to pay sales tax like you would in most other states. The money you save on sales tax helps to offset the cost of outsourcing your inventory prep. That means you can grow your business even faster. For example, the average sales tax rate is around 8%, which means you’d be paying $1.60 in tax for a $20 item. Some of our plans could cost less to process an item than the sales tax would have been!

Do you prep and list used books?

We do not offer prep services for used books. 

What is the turn around time for prepping?

Turnaround time varies, but most orders are completed within 24-72 business hours. Turnaround times can be longer during peak periods such as before Prime Day and Q4.

Do you work with new Amazon sellers?

Yes. We work with new sellers, but you must have a good understanding of Amazon’s processes and requirements. There is a lot to learn before selling on Amazon. We highly recommend at least going through Amazon’s free Seller University training available at before getting started. It’s rewarding when done right so don’t give up!

Do you work with International Sellers?

Yes, especially if you are purchasing goods in the US and shipping them to our center. We accept international shipments sent to us. We do not broker or process the paperwork involved for importing/exporting goods at this time. We only accept payment in US Dollars.

Do you accept and ship pallets?

Yes. We accept deliveries between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. We charge a $30 palletizing fee for outbound pallets.

Do you have minimums?

We do not have minimums or monthly membership fees. We charge a processing fee for each shipment plus the per-unit prep charges. Please see the Services page for a complete list of our prices.

What kinds of "hazmat" items do you accept? Cosmetics and batteries too?

Products that are or contain batteries such as toys or power tools are accepted, though we do not accept products with lithium-ion batteries for long term storage. Cosmetics that are classified as hazmat are accepted as well. Products that require specialized storage and equipment such as fuels, solvents or corrosives are NOT accepted at this time. Products need to follow Amazon’s temperature sensitive requirements here as well. Because they require special handling, Hazmat Shipments are subject to additional service charge of $5 per shipment. We also require user permissions to your Seller Central account to complete HAZMAT shipments.

How are the fees for shipping to Amazon calculated and paid?

The shipping labels and charges for your Amazon bound shipments will go through your Seller Central account. We recommend using Amazon’s Partnered Carriers to save on shipping costs. You pay those shipping costs through your Amazon account. For hazmat shipments, or any other shipments that go outside of the partnered carrier, we will invoice you for the incurred shipping costs.

Will you share information about my buys?
No. We have a strict confidentiality policy and will not disclose information about you or your buys. We are not Amazon sellers, so you will never have to worry about us trying to compete with you either.
How will I be billed for your services?

We require our clients to list a card on file. You will be billed for the services at the time they are completed. You can access your invoices/billing history on your Prep Ninjas dashboard.

Do you require User Permissions for Seller Central and Inventory Lab?

Our system (Prep Ninjas IMS) syncs directly with your Amazon account so we do not need user permissions for normal shipments. We can do everything including purchase Amazon Partner Carrier shipping through our system. The only reason we need Seller Central permissions is to complete HAZMAT shipments. 

Do you offer storage if I need to hold a shipment?

Yes. The first week is free. Starting day 8, we charge $26.48 per cubic meter per month. That is equivalent to approximately $0.75 per cubic foot per month. Our long-term storage charge is $36.48 per cubic meter per month. This applies to storage older than 180 days. Space is limited, so please contact us for availability.

Do you take oversized items?

Yes, we take products up to 24-inches on their longest side for an additional fee. Space is limited, so please inquire prior to shipping oversized items.

Are my products secure?

Yes. Our warehouse is a secure facility and your items are stored with care. We are also insured and have an alarm system.

What kind of fire protection do you have?

We have alarms, extinguishers, sprinklers, and insurance. We do not store combustible fuels, solvents, or lithium-ion batteries.

How do you minimize outbound shipping costs?

We try to minimize shipping costs when possible without breaking Amazon’s rules or risking damage to anything in transit. We encourage large shipments and offer volume discounts for larger shipments. We also recommend LTL shipments when appropriate.

Did you discontinue your Online arbitrage prep services?

We did put our OA prep service on hold for a time, but we recently brought it back! 

Can Inventory Placement save shipping costs?

Amazon’s Inventory Placement fee can save on shipping costs and our turnaround times. Especially when your whole shipment is less than 50 lbs and can safely fit within a large box. A batch split into 3 shipments costs more than 50 small products in placement fees. It’s not as effective with large products that will use more boxes anyway. Also splits are meant to get the product sold and to the customer faster. See more about splits on our blog.

Do you process customer returns or FBA removals?

We do not offer services for processing customer returns or FBA removals at this time.

What are your Terms of Service?

You can download our current Wholesale/Private Label Terms of Service by clicking here. You can download our OA Terms of Service at this link.

How do I sign up?

There is a Sign Up button on the bottom of the services page you wish to sign up for. Simply click the button, fill out the form, and check your email for instructions on how to complete sign-up. It only takes a few minutes.

Are there any other charges or fees I should worry about?

Our goal is to process your shipments as quickly and accurately as possible. In order to do this, we require your help. We’ve outlined our expectations in our Terms of Service. Not following the Terms causes additional labor, delays, possible safety consequences, and many other situations that prevent us from providing fast and accurate service. Because of its importance to providing good service, we’ve established penalties for non-compliance. These penalties are assessed in addition to any standard fees for Inbound shipments, Outbound Shipments, Storage Fees, or other charges. You can download the list by clicking here.