FBA Prep Services

Flat rate plans with built-in discounts

what we do

  • Receiving & inspection of inventory
  • Creating FBA shipping plans
  • Printing FNSKU labels
  • Prepping to meet Amazon’s guidelines
  • Packing products and assigning box content
  • Completing shipment with Prep Ninjas software
  • Shipping products to Amazon Fulfillment Center

what we don’t do

  • Customer returns
  • Return consolidation
  • FBA Removal Order processing
  • Repackaging products
  • Customs brokerage
  • Importing/exporting
  • D2C (direct to customer) or FBM (fulfilled by merchant)

products we accept

  • New condition
  • Shorter than 24 inches on longest side
  • Weigh fewer than 20 lbs
  • Sourced from retail or online stores
  • Sourced from wholesale suppliers
  • Private label
  • Supplements or medications
  • Grocery products from Approved suppliers (please inquire for supplier approval prior to ordering)
  • Hazmat (consumer goods)

products we don’t accept

  • Grocery items from non-approved suppliers 
  • Meltable or temperature-sensitive
  • KONG Company brand pet products
  • Healthforce brand products
  • Used products
  • Used Books
  • Corrosives, solvents, fuel, or fertilizer
  • Pepper spray, bear repellent, weapons, or firearms
  • Heavy products (over 20 lbs)
  • Long oversized products (longer than 24 in. on longest side)

FBA Prep plans

No receiving charges   •   built-in volume discounts   •   basic prep included


units per month

Standard prep
$2.00 per Unit

One-time sign-up fee of $99
$50 per AMZ shipment min.


units per month

Standard prep
$1.85 per Unit

No sign-up fees!
Prepay $370 per month


units per month

Standard prep
$1.70 per Unit

No sign-up fees!
Prepay $850 per month


units per month

Standard prep
$1.55 per Unit

No sign-up fees!
Prepay $1240 per month


units per month

Standard prep
$1.35 per Unit

No sign-up fees!
Prepay $2025 per month

included services

Secure Dashboard Login



FNSKU labeling

Price removal


Standard polybag

Shipment creation

Packing & assigning box content

Creating & attaching shipping labels

Carrier pickup

extra services

Shoes –> add $0.25/unit

Oversize Units –> add $1/unit

Extra large poly bag –> $0.75 each

Bubble Wrap Sheets (1 sq ft) –> $0.45 each

Bundles –> Standard Unit price for the first item PLUS $0.20 for each additional item.

New Outbound Boxes –> starting at $2.50 each

FBA Plans Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a minimum?

A: We charge a minimum of $50 per Amazon shipping plan. The monthly minimum is dependent on which service plan you sign up for. 

Q: Is there a set-up charge? 

A: The only plan that has a one-time set-up charge is the Starter plan. The other plans do not have a set-up charge.

Q: Does the set-up charge go toward prep fees?

A: No. The set-up charge is simply for opening an account with us. It reserves your space with our company and keeps your account open.

Q: Is there a monthly fee?

A: For the Starter plan, you only pay when we do work for you. For the Essentials, Advanced, Pro, or Elite Plans, you prepay the specified amount at the beginning of the month. The amount you prepay is applied as an account credit. All of your prep charges will be deducted from the credit until it reaches $0. After you’ve used all your credit for the month, we’ll charge your card on file for the rest.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We require you to add a credit card on file so that we can charge for services as necessary. We create an invoice and charge your card immediately. You can access your invoices in your Prep Ninjas Dashboard.

Q: Can I cancel or change my plan level?

A: Yes. You can cancel or switch plans at any time. All you need to do is email us.

Q: Can I get a refund for unused credit?

A: All prepayments are considered a retainer for our services for the month. Credit balances will roll over from month to month, but we cannot issue a refund. Credits can be used toward any service we offer and do not expire.

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Review our Terms of service

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Review Non-Compliance Fees

We hate charging these, but in order to keep costs down overall, we do charge Non-Compliance fees for violating our TOS.

Register & Pick Your Plan

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Still have questions?

 If we didn’t already answer all of your questions, please ask. You can chat with us here on our website. Just click the icon in the bottom right of the screen. We usually answer quickly if it is during business hours, which is 9am to 4pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Otherwise, we will email you back when we are available.

We also have a lot of answers on our FAQs page. You can also schedule a call with us. 

Our Clients Love Us!

Fantastic service all around! Jeremy & Kathy made it very easy to get set up with Prep Ninjas and have provided a ton of value to my business. They have prepped, and shipped my items efficiently, even during busy Q4. Excellent and quick communication about any issues, questions, or suggestions. I highly recommend their services and have no doubt they will continue to thrive in this competitive space. ~ C. H.
Awesome service! They keep me updated on any info I require. They respond to my needs and questions very quickly. They’ve actually gone above and beyond my expectations on several occasions. I would recommend Prep Ninjas to anyone requiring a prep service. ~ A. L.
Great service. Very responsive. Jeremy was very patient with me as I was learning how to use their service and now I am rocking along like a pro. Highly recommend! ~ W. R.
I highly recommend Prep Ninjas! I have been using their services for the last six months or more. They are very professional and organized, with a thorough understanding of what Amazon requires for prepping and shipping. ~ S. Y.

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