Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

This plan is perfect for sellers who don’t have a consistent buying plan in place or aren’t ready for high volume yet. 

The Pay-As-You-Go Plan has a one-time onboarding fee of $129.

This charge gives you access to our software system and reserves space for your orders while your account is active or up to 180 days of inactivity.

With FBA Prep, you should expect to see three types of charges for each Amazon shipment — Receiving Charges, Prep Charges, & Shipment Processing charges. 

Receiving Charges


$1 per standard-size package or parcel

$10 per pallet

$2 per oversize package

$350 unloading fee – 20ft container

$650 unloading fee – 40ft container

Receiving charges FAQs

Q: Are receiving charges per order or per package?

A: We charge a receiving charge for every package or parcel we receive. So, if you order 10 items and we get everything in one box, you are charged $1. But, if the supplier splits the shipment and sends us one item in each box, you’d get $10 in receiving charges.

Q: If my supplier sends a pallet, do I pay for the pallet cost and the package cost?

A: No. If we receive a pallet, you only pay the pallet receiving charge. 

Q: If I send you a container, do I pay the container charge and the per carton charge?

A: The unloading fee only covers the cost of unloading the container. You should also expect to pay receiving charges depending on how the container is loaded. If it is floor loaded, you’d pay the “per parcel” cost. If it is palletized or skidded, you’d pay the “per pallet” cost.



Prep Charges


Base charges:

Standard items -> $1.15 per unit + additional prep
Large items -> $1.75 per unit + additional prep
Oversize items -> $3.20 per unit + additional prep

Standard apparel items -> $1.65 per unit including prep
Large apparel items -> $1.95 per unit including prep
Oversized apparel items -> $2.15 per unit including prep

Shoes -> $2.05 per unit including prep


Up to 6 pieces -> $1.75 per bundle
7-12 pieces -> $2.70 per bundle
13-20 pieces -> $3.60 per bundle

 Additional Prep Services = $0.25 each

Poly bag, price tag removal, extra label, bubble wrap labor (materials extra), taping, folding, box assembly, rolling, etc.

Prep Charges FAQs

Q: How do I know what prep charges will be added for each item?

A: We follow Amazon’s prep guidelines and will automatically prep items accordingly. If you would like a prep estimate, we need the product ASIN so we can look it up and let you know what we think the required prep will be. Once we get the product, the actual prep charge may change if we receive the product in a manner we weren’t expecting. So, estimates are not guaranteed, but will hopefully give you an idea of the charges so you can make purchasing decisions.

Q: What does the base charge include?

A: The base charge includes inspection and FNSKU labeling. We attach an FNSKU label to all items, even if they are commingled or use manufacturer barcodes, so we don’t offer a discount if no label is required. For commingled/manufacturer barcode items, we use the ASIN as the FNSKU to ensure the item is received by Amazon accurately.

Q: What does the apparel items charge include?

A: For apparel items, the cost listed includes tag removal, folding, poly bagging, and FNSKU application. It doesn’t include hanger removal or excessive tag/sticker removal.

Q: What does the shoe charge include?

A: The charge for shoes includes inspection, straightening laces, rewrapping in tissue, tag removal, and rubber banding. It does not include security device removal or cleaning dirty soles.

Q: What does the bundle/multipack charge include?

A: The charge for bundles includes creating the bundle, the polybag, the FNSKU label, and “DO NOT SEPARATE – This is a Set” stickers. Additional prep required, like tape or bubble wrap, is an extra charge.

Q: Do I have to pay the Base Charge plus the Bundling Charge?

A: No, the bundling charge reflects the base charge already. However, if the end product of the bundle is Large or Oversized, an additional charge will be added for the size.

Q: What is a Large unit?

A: Large units are any unit over 11″ on longest side, 8″ on median side, or 5″ on shortest side

Q: What is an Oversize unit?

A: Oversize units are any unit over 18″ on longest side, 15″ on median side, or 12″ on shortest side


Shipment Processing Charges


FBA Shipment Processing Charge -> $40

This fee is waived for FBA shipping plans with 40 or more units. 

New Outbound Boxes:

Small -> $2.50 each
Medium -> $3.50 each
Large -> $4.50 each
Extra Large -> $5.50 each

 Outbound Pallets:

Palletization Fee -> $35 per pallet
New Pallet -> $15 per pallet

Misc Shipment Processing:

Hazmat Shipment Processing -> $5 per shipment
Return to Supplier -> $5 per box
Ship/Forward to Client -> $5 per box

Storage Fees:

First seven (7) days = Free!
8+ Day -> $0.75 per cubic foot per month

Shipment Processing Charges FAQs

Q: What is the FBA Shipment Processing charge?

A: For each shipping plan we send to Amazon that has fewer than 40 units, we charge a $40 fee. We do this to cover our labor costs. We typically will wait until you’ve accumulated more than 40 units before we ship to Amazon. However, if we have received fewer than 40 units and not waiting for more to arrive, we will send the shipment and charge the $40 processing fee.

Q: Do you always use new outbound boxes?

A: No. We typically reuse boxes we’ve received so there is no cost to you. However, if we don’t have the right-sized box on hand or if we only have small boxes, we will use new boxes. Using larger boxes means we can fit your shipment in fewer boxes — and that saves you money on shipping.

Q: What does palletizing include? Why do I have to pay extra for a new pallet?

A: The palletizing fee covers the cost of building the pallet, wrapping it, and loading it on the truck. We try to reuse pallets we have received, but sometimes they don’t meet Amazon’s guidelines. If we don’t have any acceptable pallets on hand, we have to purchase them. If we use a pallet we purchased to ship your LTL shipment, then you’d see a new pallet charge.

Q: Why do you charge extra for hazmat shipments and returns/forwards?

A: Shipping hazmat items to Amazon requires additional steps because we cannot use the partnered carrier. The additional charge helps to cover our costs. The charge fore returns/forwards is to cover the time it takes to pack and label the boxes.

Q: What about the shipping charges? 

A: When we can, we use the Amazon Partnered Carrier, so you will see the shipping charges on your Amazon statement. For when we cannot use the partnered carrier, we purchase the shipping on your behalf and add the shipping charges to your invoice. If a label is provided by a third party, we will use it. For example, if the store gives you a return label, you can email it to us and we will use it. 


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